Moving from place to place has been a standard practice

From time immemorial, moving from place to place has been a standard practice. In the beginning, we walked on foot, carrying our few possessions. Then the wheel was invented, and wagons made the journey easier. Now, we have the luxuries of modern technology to assist our pilgrimages to new places. As technology advances, there are more options than ever to choose from when moving house or business. But which option is best?
Moving Containers is the safest and most cost effective way to transport anything anywhere in Australia. While removal trucks have dominated the transportation market in the past, the future is looking toward container transport. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than traditional removalist trucks, it is significantly cheaper, and most importantly, our customers have peace of mind in knowing that their possessions will not be handled by anyone. If you want to be at the forefront of the latest trend in commercial transport, read on.

Trucking As A Tradition
Since the 1800s, trucks have been used to transport cargo (although a �truck’ back then was a horse-drawn flatbed wagon). With the advancement of technology since then, the design of trucks has developed significantly. In the early 1900s, enclosed mechanized trucks revolutionised the industry, and the size and power of trucks continued to expand and increase. Today, trucks come in a range of sizes and designs, with add ons like ramps and extra suspension.

When moving house or business, most people turn to a removalist because it is what has always been done. The process involves packing your belongings into boxes and stacking them inside the truck, while secretly hoping nothing will break in the process of transportation or handling. Perhaps a few trucks are needed to transport your furniture or larger items, but eventually everything will go from point A to point B. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there’s a catch.
Unless they are relatively new, or use the latest technology, transportation trucks will emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Since the 1990s, truck manufacturers have focused on keeping this damaging byproduct of internal-combustion engines in check, but if operators don’t choose to upgrade, these emissions will continue to pollute the atmosphere. Fleet trucks also require new tires every 65,000 kilometres, and with 22 tyres on each truck, this comes to a surprising amount of grease, oil and water just to keep the trucks on the road.

If you’re using two or three trucks to transport all of your belongings, the cost (monetary and environmental) is going to be high, not to mention the cost of broken or damaged items as careless drivers forget to handle your items with consideration.

The Emergence Of Shipping Containers

Transport containers were first commercially used in the 1960s to move goods internationally. Immediately, the benefits of container transport were recognised. The most salient advantage was the fact that with everything packed into a sealed container, the cargo could be moved seamlessly from truck to train to ship without having to be handled.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the shipping container industry continued to grow internationally, and eventually domestically as those in the business recognised the advantages of container transport.

The Differences Between Truck And Container Transport
There are a few main points to consider when comparing the differences between using conventional truck transport and container transport. Firstly, truck transport is multimodal transport, meaning that the movement of cargo from point A to point B is carried out by many modes of transport and the cargo may be handled at every new stage of the journey. Each stage may a different body responsible, but all are under the same contract.
On the other hand, container transport is intermodal transport, meaning that while the cargo is still moved through different transport providers under the same contract, the cargo is not handled by the entities responsible for moving it. Put simply, with container transport, the client can be assured that their belongings will not be subject to careless handling, breakage or loss because they are stored within an enclosed container.

What Moving Containers Offers

Moving Containers is Australia’s trusted container transport and Interstate Removals company. Not only do we hire the most trustworthy drivers, but we strive to remain as innovative as possible by using the latest technology for our services. Our modern fleet, which includes tilt tray trucks and side loaders, assures our clients that their goods will be delivered with speed and reliability.
The diversity of our equipment allows us to offer the most cost-effective resolution for any transportation needs, including multiple containers, large earth moving machinery, commercial freight, and oversized hauls. With over one hundred experienced drivers working across the country, we accommodate for last notice or emergency situations. Whether you’re moving house or relocating your business, our latest equipment and machinery can handle anything.

Moving Containers also uses Australia’s extensive rail network, allowing for long distance and interstate deliveries without hassle. With the option to use both road and rail, Moving Containers is able to move anything virtually anywhere within Australia. As our containers are fully self contained and require no handling at each transportation change, our clients can have complete confidence that the contents of their container will be exactly as they were left.

Container Hire And Storage

Moving Containers also offers the option to hire shipping containers. We have a fleet of containers across Australia which are solely dedicated to hiring, available where and when you want them. There is a wide range of sizes and types available, new and used, from 20 feet to 40 feet.
We also provide our clients with packing materials, to ensure that all items inside the container are protected from the unlikely possibility of breakage. Our containers can be used for storing excess business stock, storage onsite for tools, or storage of personal items.

Container Transport Is The Future
Container transport is safest, most cost-effective way to move your belongings, and Moving Containers is the most reliable team in Australia to help you do so.

Our cutting-edge technology, reliable drivers and the large number of our depots across Australia means that it has never been easier to move house or your business, eliminating the stress of using removalist trucks and ensuring that every customers is completely satisfied.

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