Reasons why you should not use a pressure washer on your house

Pressure washers are a godsend to DIY homeowners and pressure washers in Vancouver alike. With the ability to blast debris, mildew, old paint, rust, and other coatings from surfaces, pressure washers can make short work of the removal and cleaning process. A pressure washer works great for removing moss or oily film on driveways and paths. It’s also often used in prepping a house for a repaint.

But there are times when using a pressure washer on anything that needs cleaning or removal can be too much of a good thing. Blasting the walls of a house with a water jet exerting 3000 pounds per square inch of pressure will strip paint off quickly, that’s true. But in can put a hole in old wood, tear off roof shingles, or force its way into wooden or concrete seams, where unseen damage can occur.

On brick walls, the force of this pressure can strip off mortar, causing extra work that needs to be done to repair the damage. If you’re stripping old paint, lead can also leach into the soil or sewage system. Avoid too the common practice of using a pressure washer on your roof. Water can easily get into the trusses or rafters. There is also the high risk of the pressure causing a backward thrust on the hose, causing you to lose your balance if you’re on a ladder.

Before the advent of affordable pressure washers, homeowners used to take a garden hose, soap in a bucket, and a nylon bristle to remove stuff that didn’t come off easily. And for wood sidings, glass panes, roof tiles, and brick or stone walls, this is actually the best method. Sure, it will take more time and use some considerable elbow grease. But you’ll be assured that no high pressure water will have gotten into unwanted places, where damage will take place over time.

But harping on the potential damage a pressure washer can do doesn’t consider the benefits of using one. A pressure washer will make short work of cleaning asphalt and concrete driveways, railings, wood fences, metal furniture, gutters, and stonework. Professional pressure washers use industrial models that have adjustable pressure. With proper the proper settings, they can safely use a pressure washer without fear of damaging stuff. If you still intend to do it on your own, use common sense to determine if a plain garden hose and brush is enough to clean the surface you need to work on.