Are you a smart home buyer?

Prior to buying a house, a home inspection is vital. Purchasing a home without thorough home inspection is the same as buying a car without even checking out the tires.

Any real estate agent will highly recommend that you include a home inspection clause if you are planning to buy a certain house. That normally means you will shoulder the payment for the home inspection, so you must know what you are getting your money’s worth.

The Value of a Home Inspector

A good home inspector will check out all the house’s accessible and visible areas to check if there are any health or safety issues, good or bad conditions of the house and any problems that will be needing further attention.

A home inspection normally covers structural elements like the walls, doors, basement, insulation, foundation, windows, roof, and the attic. Home inspections will also include checking out electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. There are instances that home inspectors will also check out appliances and even signs of termite infestation.

After completing the home inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a written, comprehensive report citing all problems with the house.

You Are Not an Expert

A home inspection is a job that must be done by professionals. Normal individuals have little or no experience in determining electrical, plumbing or structural issues. Combine that with the emotional factor in buying a house, and it’s no wonder why potential home buyers aren’t the ones who must do the inspecting. So it can be a good idea to accompany your home inspector so if you have questions you can ask him/her and see the good and bad of the house for yourself.

How to Find a Good Inspector

A good real estate agent can help in recommending an able home inspector. But if you will opt to choose your own home inspector, just make sure that he or she has enough experience. You can always visit certain websites depending on which state you are, that shows a list of certified home inspectors.

Home inspection fees will vary but normally will not exceed $1,000. Although it’s another added cost, a San Diego home inspection can help you save by avoiding possible disasters, so it is money well spent.

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