How to choose the ideal underlay for your new floor

Choosing the best underlay for your floor is an important decision. There are many reasons for this; for example, a proper underlay will help with the following:

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Acoustic insulation

The underlay will damp the sound made as you walk on your floor and the noise you hear if someone is walking across an upstairs floor. This can make an enormous difference when you have engineered floors upstairs. Underlay will provide cushioning for walking on.

A straight floor can be created and any irregularities will be covered, giving you an even finish.

Thermal insulation

The insulation provides a buffer between the floor and whatever lies beneath it.

Rising damp

With an inbuilt damp proof membrane, a decent underlay will stop rising damp in its tracks before it destroys your new engineered flooring from a specialist such as

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Choosing the right underlay for your rooms

Do you have a room that is frequently used, resulting in heavy traffic? If so, you may wish to consider a heavy-duty solution for such a space to keep the noise down. Choose an underlay that cuts down on noise in addition to helping to keep the room warm.

You can buy something a little less expensive for less frequently-used areas, providing you have covered the basics.

If you are installing a floor in your garage, use an underlay that removes the irregularities while offering adequate thermal protection.