Laminate flooring: What it is and why you should choose it

Laminate flooring in Pietermaritzburg has only steadily gained in popularity as and underfoot covering in recent years. Modern, quality assured laminate flooring variants are so good that sometimes it is hard to tell it from the product it imitates: wood. So what exactly goes into producing a laminate floor?

Four layers are fused together with pressure, heat and adhesive to form the desirable, tough, easy-to-maintain finished product. All your options for laminate flooring in Pietermaritzburg will come with the following layers:

  • Layer 1 – This is a backing layer made of melamine. The structure of the floor is held together by it and it is basically responsible for the integrity of the entire floor. This layer is also the important moisture barrier layer.
  • Layer 2 – An inner layer often known as a core board. This is an apt name for this literal middle ground because, much like core abdominal muscles stabilise the body, this inner layer performs the same function for the floor. It is thick, dense, tough and made of wood fibres.
  • Layer 3 – This is the pre-top melamine layer which is decorative in function. High-resolution photography is used to create the illusion of real wood grain.
  • Layer 4 – The outer, durable, stain-resistant melamine layer. It is reinforced with aluminium oxide. This is a hard mineral compound that resist spills, stains and fading.

The advantages of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in Pietermaritzburg has become a go-to for the following reasons:

  • It is a budget option which does not look cheap.
  • It mimics the appearance of wood exceedingly well.
  • It is not difficult to install, fit or maintain.
  • It is durable and can handle furniture and high foot traffic. As a precaution, some people put foam or cloth under the feet of their furniture items to protect the floor from the impact and keep consequent wear and tear to a minimum, making it long lasting.
  • Whether your decor is contemporary, classic or eclectic, there is an option that will fit.
  • Goes with both contemporary and classic d├ęcor
  • Unlike wood, it does not stain.
  • It is customisable – you can choose a wood grain design and have it printed as your finish for your laminate floor.
  • Laminate presents a hardworking, practical and versatile floor covering.
  • It is pet friendly as dust and fur are easy to clean off the floor.