Elegant Patios and Pathways

When you consider the exterior space around your property as an outdoor room and take the time to install attractive planting and maintain a lush, litter free lawn, please don’t forget that the landscaped “floor” is important. You don’t ignore the floor when you decorate a lounge so why neglect its outdoor cousin?

Patios and pathways are design features. They must offer functionality, a means to get from the door to the shed or the washing line, to dine or entertain on, but the visual appeal needn’t be sacrificed. Stylish value for money solutions from leading local paving suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel take a few hours to install, demand little maintenance and offer years of service.

A favourite among paving suppliers, designers, landscapers and domestic customers is porcelain paving. Every slab created by the market leaders, from Rivar to Global Stone, has been expertly crafted and fulfils its aesthetic potential; products deliver clean lines, modernity and a range of colour options. Wood effect finishes delight, the longevity of porcelain paving and the appeal of timber prove irresistible.

Porcelain paving has several attributes which other natural paving products cannot boast. Rivar’s paving designers have produced a range which is fade, slip, frost, watermark and stain resistant. Porcelain paving’s performance isn’t compromised by the British weather, mould, moss, oil and acid spillage.

Petrous premium porcelain paving products are remarkably strong. Petrous is the term given to the bone at the base of your skull; the hardest bone in the human body. Porcelain paving’s strength is titanic compared to porcelain crockery. It won’t let you down.

For added continuity, you can use porcelain paving products in the interior and exterior spaces; marry the home to the garden with finesse.

Product Examples

Brera porcelain paving:

  • 600mm x 600mm slabs. 20mm thickness.
  • Elegant finish, sublime grey-cream colouring.
  • Crisp, clean and modern appearance.
  • Almost zero maintenance.
  • Slabs are sold singly.
  • Perfect for the UK climate.

Lavagna porcelain paving:

  • 600mm x 600mm slabs.
  • 20mm thickness.
  • Sleek lines and consistent mid grey-dark grey colouring.
  • No sealing requirements.
  • Low porosity.
  • Almost zero maintenance.
  • Slabs are sold singly.
  • Ideal for the UK climate.

Mustang black porcelain paving:

  • Sophisticated and eye-catching.
  • 20mm thick slabs.
  • The standard paving slab size is 600mm x 600mm.
  • Slabs can also be supplied in 800mm x 800mm and 800mm x 400mm.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Ideal for contemporary spaces.

Sandal wood effect porcelain paving: 

  • Expertly crafted to resemble wood.
  • Exceptionally enduring.
  • Elegant and luxurious finish.
  • 810mm x 405mm, 20mm thick clean line slabs.
  • No maintenance required.

Many of the porcelain paving products are held in stock by paving suppliers, others have a short lead time. Reputable firms are happy to deliver your purchase to site at your convenience or you can take it away with you.

Specialists like Rivar Sand and Gravel also provide customers with other competitively priced and top-quality landscaping materials, aggregates, ancillary products, outstanding customer service and advice.

Ensure that your paving supplier is as enthusiastic about your patios and pathways enhancement project as you are. Make it a success and then spend summer relaxing.